Sigma Epsilon Chi

The idea of Sigma Epsilon Chi was to be a place in which initially Krystal and I could take our regular clients somewhere private without having to go through the lag of returning to the club. After some time we brought Calypso, Deanna and Autumn on boar and it turned in to something else entirely; A Sorority.

We pooled our money each month and paid off the rent for a relatively large plot of land, in which we created a sorority house which basically consisted of a large lounge/dance area, a pool area and multiple skyboxes for when privacy was needed. It wasn’t a club, far from it, it was a place in which the five of us just had fun with people we knew. However, it grew and soon we began training up other girls, we were given the choice of staying with The Barbie Club or shutting down SEX, we stuck with SEX and many TBC girls decided to join us.

The beauty of SEX was that we ended up making a lot of connections as we were purely about the fun, yet still managed to remain profitable. We were training staff for Club Coitus, Club Arsheba and Supreme Fetishist. We had our own brand of merchandise to go with our own bike that was used in races. In time a sixth sister bought in to the Sorority, Kathryn Heyse, who brought further connections which left us in a very strong position.

The time of SEX was a very fond period of my time in Second Life where I met some wonderful people and really branched out in to the world of Second Life. Unfortunately as Sisters began to leave the game, the heart that was there began to weaken and the joy that we once had was no longer felt. The connection remained though and the bond that we shared was important. We ended up closing down Sigma Epsilon Chi, while keeping the group so all could keep in touch and keep that ‘network’ open. Calypso was given Club Coitus and the sim St. Barts by Acid Tripp, she asked me to shadow run the sim/club so our paths went there, Deanna joined us with her scripting know how and we ended up making a new friend, Kitty Barnett.




The Barbie Club


When I first came to Second Life I didn’t come as Aidan Rosenberg but as Kaline Lycia after a friend from Neverwinter Nights told me about Second Life and how you could make money from ERP (Erotic Role Play). So I hopped on board and created my first avatar who was instantly given a huge collection of folders, dragged to Gurl6 for some hair, then guided in making my avatar look “sexy” before being brought to The Barbie Club.


The Barbie Club was a nightclub that was ran by Stacey Sugar and a co-owner whose name completely eludes me at this point. It was quite an eyesore of a club with the bright pink everywhere and anywhere, but it fit the theme and people must not have minded seeing as it was always busy to the point of nearly always being full. Back then it was the place to be, especially if you were an employee there as there was always customers throwing Lindens at you for minimal effort.


I quickly made many friends in The Barbie Club, befriending many of the girls there, in particular I made friends with Nadia Tempura who ended up becoming Stacey’s girlfriend. This coupled with my popularity as a Dancer/Escort escalated me up the ranks quite quickly and I was taken for a photo shoot to be one of the faces on the club advertisement.


Of the other friends I made Krystal Nosferatu and Calypso Ophelia became important friends. Krystal and I had regular clients and we’d have to go back to the club just to use the private rooms with our client, so we decided it would be a great idea to have our own place to take our regulars. Using what we’d learnt from The Barbie Club, we, along with Calypso Ophelia, Deanna Trollop and Autumn Pierterson formed our own Sorority called Sigma Epislon Chi (SEX) and a new chapter began.

The First Batch

I decided to start taking photos in Second Life, just for my own pleasure, however I have no idea what I’m doing so I figured before taking myself to some of these amazing places in Second Life, I’d take a few shots around our land.