Trouble: Kink Party

Last night I surprised our toy with a little trip out to an event at Trouble Tavern & Lounge, it was their first Kinky Party which was mostly just dancing, socialising, but with equipment set out so anyone who was with a partner, or was wearing green bands could put to use in open play.


At first we spent some time at home sorting through her most recent of outfits… Which was quite a few what with all the sales recently and the fact she’s a bit of a shopaholic! But I narrowed it down to some new chains and panties and this almost none existent number found in the feature image. I love to have my toy on display and this was the perfect excuse to have her wearing practically nothing!


We arrived at Trouble early and there was already quite a large gathering of people waiting around. So we made our way to the campfire and settled down, cuddling up and chatting while we waited to be allowed upstairs where the event was being hosted. This was also when I decided to start messing around with my windlight settings and stumbled upon the setting where I took the feature photo, which I’m very happy with the outcome of.


Eventually we went upstairs to the lodge that the girls had been working on for this particular event, which was beautiful and so well put together. It all had a very wintery feel to it, yet with a warm interior ready for the girls who were wearing outfits that left everything out on display. There we found Moonstone (DJ) hanging from the ceiling in a cherub outfit, making for a wonderful feature piece in the lodge. I brought my toy to a corner of the room and pulled her close for an evening of dancing together, which made for a nice change seeing as the past few weeks have all been about decorating the house.


As time passed we had an unexpected guest as Min arrived, she’d recently stumbled upon Trouble and decided to visit during the event. She settled in next to us, which I feel brought a nice shade of red to my toys cheeks having somebody she knows from elsewhere seeing her in such an exposed outfit.I do love to see my toys cheeks go red though, so it was most welcome! A little later my wife also joined us for a bit of a dance, which was very nice as it’s not often that the three of us go out in public.


I’m very fond of Trouble, it’s a most welcoming place where anyone is accepted so long as you show respect to each other. I’m hoping there will be more events like this as it made for a nice excuse to get out of our house and do something!