I first came to Second Life in 2006 and have been playing off and on since. During these years I have met many people of many different walks of life and in doing so I have seen, heard, felt and experienced a great deal. However, I have only scratched the surface of what Second Life is and has to offer as the communities involved in the game continue to surprise and amaze me all these years later.


So, the purpose of this blog is to document some of these adventures from my past and future adventures/experiences in Second Life. I have always had an interest in the visuals of a game and often find myself taking screenshots in other games, but not that often in Second Life, which I’ve recently quizzed myself on, what with just how many stunning locations there are out there. I plan on changing that and using the blog as a means of attempting to take some screenshots in game, my skills with Photoshop are next to none, so expect raw shots when I do take them.