Free L$ Experiment

When you first come to Second Life it is such a daunting experience, especially without any guidance. Recently a Real Life friend ventured in to Second Life, so we’ve been giving him a bit of a hand to adjust to such a vastly complicated game with so much to offer. One of the questions he did ask me was “How do you earn money?” which actually got me thinking.


When I first joined Second Life I didn’t buy my Lindens, I worked for them through Dancing, Escorting, Camping, etc. but were any of those viable these days? Did male avatars even do things like that? I recalled that at one point I did use Earn2Life for a bit of extra cash without having to pay for it, so I slapped on my HUD and was greeted by an update, which doesn’t seem to be fully established yet as there are little to no means of making Lindens through this.


This had me curious though, are there places in Second Life you can earn Lindens for just your time? Off to Google, “Second Life 2018 Free Lindens” brought up Earn2Life, expected, but I wanted something that was currently working. Second Life wiki offered me a great deal of options, so, I’ve decided to go through all of the “Free Linden” ‘games’ as an experiment and see just what is worth doing, if any.


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