Meeroo Matchmaking


Many of S’anne’s friends in the Jewell Theatre had expressed some interest in these things called Meeroo’s, so I decided to surprise S’anne and bought her a bundle for their release day, as well as one for myself. They were cute little creatures and she was so excited when she found out she had some. We joined the Jewell Theatre fellowship and had a great time with these little things.


Later when talking to Fake, I’m not sure how it came about, but we’d figured out that if you bred them on certain times they would be born in certain seasons and be prime for breeding. So the Meeroo Matchmaking was formed, we would hatch a set amount of nests at a certain time so people could buy meeroos that were ready to breed so they didn’t miss a cycle if they didn’t already have a breeding pair. It worked out really well and became very popular. For the longest of time nobody else was doing this, they were trying to sell their rarest of ‘roos for stupidly high prices, while we were selling budget ‘roos on mass.


As time went on it got to the point that others figured out what we were doing and how we were doing and began to copy us. By then though we had multiple stores in the hot spots, we had a name, a huge amount of stock and we’d made a killing from being the only ones doing it. On top of this, because we were pumping out so many ‘roos we were finding higher quality ones which were going for ridiculous amounts on auctions. So it got to the point that when other people started doing what we were doing, we were in a position to step in and buy their stock that was undercutting us then use it to turn a profit.


It was a very exciting time and one of my fondest of memories as there was so many of us working together… And of course, we were making plenty of Lindens at the same time! I do tend to miss the social side of Meeroo Matchmaking though. After this I became quite reclusive.






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