After Iaomai I brought Alestra back from the dead (I’d created her in the past as Earalia Nolan kept telling me how she missed Alestra – from our Neverwinter days) and started dabbling in odd stores. I firstly created ‘AV Designs’ which focused mostly in accessories of a darker nature, high boots, spiked jewellery, milk maid equipment, etc. but on a whim I picked up this pack to make my own sculpted bears. I created the bears then added accessories, like a whip or such, some sort of theme. In any case this bear seemed to be more popular than any of my other products and eventually I called them “ClingerZ!” and formed [AV] & ClingerZ!

[AV] became the darker side of my store, while ClingerZ! became a very light and cutesy side. As it turned out, in the battle of Light vs. Dark, the light side prevailed and became the more popular of the two stores. So, I ended up closing down [AV] and focusing all my attention on ClingerZ!

I invested some of what I earned in to new sculpties, which now gave me three versions, I also updated them to include a script so you could change the textures of each limb part individually and then I began work on creating themes, which was quite fun. I managed to put together a huge selection of different creatures, from things like kajira (with colour changing silks!), gangsters, to things for your usual themed holidays.

Making ClingerZ! was a very fun time in my life and really kept me busy, unfortunately for reasons I can’t quite remember, I ended up closing down ClingerZ!




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