When I returned to Second Life I found myself bouncing around the grid, from one sim to another with no real anchor anywhere. I’d lost that desire to socialise, to meet new people, make new friends, then only to have them leave and repeat the cycle. So I wandered and eventually I landed in Iaomai which was quite odd seeing as I didn’t really enjoy Gor, I’d attempted to read the books in the past but couldn’t get past the style in which they were written.


In any case, Iaomai was very different to what I had experienced of Gor in Second Life. It was more of a sanctuary and school, where girls could be educated while also being protected. It was very different and quite refreshing, so I ended up spending a little more time than normal in Iaomai, eventually making it a place I spent all of my time.


Now, Iaomai is a very special place to me, not so much because of what it was but because of what I found there. I met a lovely girl there by the name of S’anne Theas, who I grew very fond of, eventually to the stage where we ended up courting for a set period, before I claimed her as my own. It was so special and different in that I had come here with no intentions of finding a girl to wear my collar or even become intimate with. Well, those that know me know the rest of the story. S’anne and I began meeting in real life, escalating our relationship to the point that she now wears my collar and my ring in Real Life. She is my wife, my girl and the mother of my Daughter.


As for Iaomai, eventually it fell to pieces but, I made so many friends in Iaomai and ended up through S’anne, finding our toy Chandni Khondji and the Jewell Theatre, but those come in later entries!


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