Supreme Fetishist

After Coitus I was quite burnt out, I’d lost a lot of friends over these periods and was feeling quite alone. I ventured to Supreme Fetishist where I spent a lot of my time just hanging, not doing anything of importance… It was quite refreshing just to be a face in the crowd for a change.

Eventually I became a little more involved in the Club by setting up the “D/s Finder” which was basically a match making service for Dominants and submissives. It was just an experiment initially but it actually became quite popular and managed to connect a few people. This was also about the time that Aidan came to be and soon enough he took over from Kaline as he became my ‘me’.

In the Supreme Fetishist I made great friends with Genvieve Hutchence who to this day is still somebody I have contact with. I also become quite good friends with Laserhop Rothschild, Sharon Tiger and Sippie Babcock to name a few. Unfortunately with me dropping Kaline, I lost a lot of contacts and only really stayed in touch with those that had known me on a closer level.

Eventually the Supreme Fetishist starting host slave auctions, which I became the head auctioneer for. It was a very lucrative event for the club and for myself and surprisingly actually created some lasting relationships. There were unfortunately only a few of these I did before I eventually burnt myself out and had to take a break from Second Life, a long break.


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