Club Coitus

Club Coitus was another key points in my life in Second Life. Originally it was put together by Acid Tripp on her Sim, St. Barts. However, Acid left Second Life and gave everything to Calypso Ophelia who in turn asked Kitty and myself to manage things from the background.

Coitus was like any other club to begin with, we had our dance area, VIP area, mall and skyboxes for the escorts, there wasn’t much special about it other than the people that worked there. It took us a great deal of time to get it to a started as it was something quite new to us, so we treated much like we did with SEX, however, this time we had to cover a huge cost each month.It became a lot more serious on our side of things, while we attempted to keep the fun through the girls.

Themed areas soon cropped up on St. Barts, we had the beach area for beach parties rather than being stuck in the club all the time, then we had (I believe it was) huge Slingo areas and the Slingo girls, which became quite a hit. We then started to dabble in the live music area, which was a completely new thing for Second Life at this time and had quite a few bands/artists perform on the stage of Coitus. These turned out to be a great hit, however, a huge lag fest.

Unfortunately Club Coitus was a very short period of my time in Second Life as Calypso decided to leave Second Life and with her, St. Barts and Club Coitus went.



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