Exploration: Dystopia Sim

Those who know me will know I tend to always wear a suit, so I decided it was time to pick up something a little more casual. After completing this I decided to have a wander around, see what is out there in the wide world of Second Life and I ended up stumbling upon Dystopia which is as the name would suggest, a dystopian sim,


In any case I took it upon myself to take a few shots of my new outfit while I was out and about. I did however find myself a makeshift pool and I thought it would be rude not to have a quick dip.


Dystopia 006

Free L$ Experiment

When you first come to Second Life it is such a daunting experience, especially without any guidance. Recently a Real Life friend ventured in to Second Life, so we’ve been giving him a bit of a hand to adjust to such a vastly complicated game with so much to offer. One of the questions he did ask me was “How do you earn money?” which actually got me thinking.


When I first joined Second Life I didn’t buy my Lindens, I worked for them through Dancing, Escorting, Camping, etc. but were any of those viable these days? Did male avatars even do things like that? I recalled that at one point I did use Earn2Life for a bit of extra cash without having to pay for it, so I slapped on my HUD and was greeted by an update, which doesn’t seem to be fully established yet as there are little to no means of making Lindens through this.


This had me curious though, are there places in Second Life you can earn Lindens for just your time? Off to Google, “Second Life 2018 Free Lindens” brought up Earn2Life, expected, but I wanted something that was currently working. Second Life wiki offered me a great deal of options, so, I’ve decided to go through all of the “Free Linden” ‘games’ as an experiment and see just what is worth doing, if any.

Meeroo Matchmaking


Many of S’anne’s friends in the Jewell Theatre had expressed some interest in these things called Meeroo’s, so I decided to surprise S’anne and bought her a bundle for their release day, as well as one for myself. They were cute little creatures and she was so excited when she found out she had some. We joined the Jewell Theatre fellowship and had a great time with these little things.


Later when talking to Fake, I’m not sure how it came about, but we’d figured out that if you bred them on certain times they would be born in certain seasons and be prime for breeding. So the Meeroo Matchmaking was formed, we would hatch a set amount of nests at a certain time so people could buy meeroos that were ready to breed so they didn’t miss a cycle if they didn’t already have a breeding pair. It worked out really well and became very popular. For the longest of time nobody else was doing this, they were trying to sell their rarest of ‘roos for stupidly high prices, while we were selling budget ‘roos on mass.


As time went on it got to the point that others figured out what we were doing and how we were doing and began to copy us. By then though we had multiple stores in the hot spots, we had a name, a huge amount of stock and we’d made a killing from being the only ones doing it. On top of this, because we were pumping out so many ‘roos we were finding higher quality ones which were going for ridiculous amounts on auctions. So it got to the point that when other people started doing what we were doing, we were in a position to step in and buy their stock that was undercutting us then use it to turn a profit.


It was a very exciting time and one of my fondest of memories as there was so many of us working together… And of course, we were making plenty of Lindens at the same time! I do tend to miss the social side of Meeroo Matchmaking though. After this I became quite reclusive.






After Iaomai I brought Alestra back from the dead (I’d created her in the past as Earalia Nolan kept telling me how she missed Alestra – from our Neverwinter days) and started dabbling in odd stores. I firstly created ‘AV Designs’ which focused mostly in accessories of a darker nature, high boots, spiked jewellery, milk maid equipment, etc. but on a whim I picked up this pack to make my own sculpted bears. I created the bears then added accessories, like a whip or such, some sort of theme. In any case this bear seemed to be more popular than any of my other products and eventually I called them “ClingerZ!” and formed [AV] & ClingerZ!

[AV] became the darker side of my store, while ClingerZ! became a very light and cutesy side. As it turned out, in the battle of Light vs. Dark, the light side prevailed and became the more popular of the two stores. So, I ended up closing down [AV] and focusing all my attention on ClingerZ!

I invested some of what I earned in to new sculpties, which now gave me three versions, I also updated them to include a script so you could change the textures of each limb part individually and then I began work on creating themes, which was quite fun. I managed to put together a huge selection of different creatures, from things like kajira (with colour changing silks!), gangsters, to things for your usual themed holidays.

Making ClingerZ! was a very fun time in my life and really kept me busy, unfortunately for reasons I can’t quite remember, I ended up closing down ClingerZ!




When I returned to Second Life I found myself bouncing around the grid, from one sim to another with no real anchor anywhere. I’d lost that desire to socialise, to meet new people, make new friends, then only to have them leave and repeat the cycle. So I wandered and eventually I landed in Iaomai which was quite odd seeing as I didn’t really enjoy Gor, I’d attempted to read the books in the past but couldn’t get past the style in which they were written.


In any case, Iaomai was very different to what I had experienced of Gor in Second Life. It was more of a sanctuary and school, where girls could be educated while also being protected. It was very different and quite refreshing, so I ended up spending a little more time than normal in Iaomai, eventually making it a place I spent all of my time.


Now, Iaomai is a very special place to me, not so much because of what it was but because of what I found there. I met a lovely girl there by the name of S’anne Theas, who I grew very fond of, eventually to the stage where we ended up courting for a set period, before I claimed her as my own. It was so special and different in that I had come here with no intentions of finding a girl to wear my collar or even become intimate with. Well, those that know me know the rest of the story. S’anne and I began meeting in real life, escalating our relationship to the point that she now wears my collar and my ring in Real Life. She is my wife, my girl and the mother of my Daughter.


As for Iaomai, eventually it fell to pieces but, I made so many friends in Iaomai and ended up through S’anne, finding our toy Chandni Khondji and the Jewell Theatre, but those come in later entries!

Trouble: Kink Party

Last night I surprised our toy with a little trip out to an event at Trouble Tavern & Lounge, it was their first Kinky Party which was mostly just dancing, socialising, but with equipment set out so anyone who was with a partner, or was wearing green bands could put to use in open play.


At first we spent some time at home sorting through her most recent of outfits… Which was quite a few what with all the sales recently and the fact she’s a bit of a shopaholic! But I narrowed it down to some new chains and panties and this almost none existent number found in the feature image. I love to have my toy on display and this was the perfect excuse to have her wearing practically nothing!


We arrived at Trouble early and there was already quite a large gathering of people waiting around. So we made our way to the campfire and settled down, cuddling up and chatting while we waited to be allowed upstairs where the event was being hosted. This was also when I decided to start messing around with my windlight settings and stumbled upon the setting where I took the feature photo, which I’m very happy with the outcome of.


Eventually we went upstairs to the lodge that the girls had been working on for this particular event, which was beautiful and so well put together. It all had a very wintery feel to it, yet with a warm interior ready for the girls who were wearing outfits that left everything out on display. There we found Moonstone (DJ) hanging from the ceiling in a cherub outfit, making for a wonderful feature piece in the lodge. I brought my toy to a corner of the room and pulled her close for an evening of dancing together, which made for a nice change seeing as the past few weeks have all been about decorating the house.


As time passed we had an unexpected guest as Min arrived, she’d recently stumbled upon Trouble and decided to visit during the event. She settled in next to us, which I feel brought a nice shade of red to my toys cheeks having somebody she knows from elsewhere seeing her in such an exposed outfit.I do love to see my toys cheeks go red though, so it was most welcome! A little later my wife also joined us for a bit of a dance, which was very nice as it’s not often that the three of us go out in public.


I’m very fond of Trouble, it’s a most welcoming place where anyone is accepted so long as you show respect to each other. I’m hoping there will be more events like this as it made for a nice excuse to get out of our house and do something!



Supreme Fetishist

After Coitus I was quite burnt out, I’d lost a lot of friends over these periods and was feeling quite alone. I ventured to Supreme Fetishist where I spent a lot of my time just hanging, not doing anything of importance… It was quite refreshing just to be a face in the crowd for a change.

Eventually I became a little more involved in the Club by setting up the “D/s Finder” which was basically a match making service for Dominants and submissives. It was just an experiment initially but it actually became quite popular and managed to connect a few people. This was also about the time that Aidan came to be and soon enough he took over from Kaline as he became my ‘me’.

In the Supreme Fetishist I made great friends with Genvieve Hutchence who to this day is still somebody I have contact with. I also become quite good friends with Laserhop Rothschild, Sharon Tiger and Sippie Babcock to name a few. Unfortunately with me dropping Kaline, I lost a lot of contacts and only really stayed in touch with those that had known me on a closer level.

Eventually the Supreme Fetishist starting host slave auctions, which I became the head auctioneer for. It was a very lucrative event for the club and for myself and surprisingly actually created some lasting relationships. There were unfortunately only a few of these I did before I eventually burnt myself out and had to take a break from Second Life, a long break.